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Co-Browsing and Co-Editing (COBE) product is a revolutionary tool that enhances business processes by enabling real-time collaboration and screen sharing among users. It’s designed to drive successful business interactions, accelerate customer onboarding, and facilitate quick time-to-market, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. COBE allows multiple participants to view and interact with the same screen, making it easier to troubleshoot, demonstrate products, fill out forms, and review documents collaboratively. This solution is particularly beneficial for support teams guiding website visitors, remote teams working on shared documents, and during training sessions, ensuring efficient and secure collaboration across various platforms and devices.

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Document Collaboration

Efficiently collaborate on documents in real time. Edit, review, and annotate together, ensuring seamless teamwork and eliminating version control issues. Boost productivity and streamline document workflows.

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Enhanced Security

Ensure robust security with dedicated links and passcodes for each session. Maintain full control over access and protect sensitive information. Enjoy peace of mind with advanced security measures in place.

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Recording And Playback

Capture and revisit important sessions with comprehensive recording and playback capabilities. Capture voice, screen, and video conference interactions for audit purposes, training, or reference, ensuring accurate information retention.

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Multi-Device And Platform Support

Experience seamless collaboration across devices and platforms. COBE supports a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for all users.

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Simple Integration

Easily integrate COBE into existing applications without the need for extensive redevelopment. With a simple plugin addition, enjoy the convenience of COBE without disrupting your current workflows or requiring significant software changes.

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Contract Signing

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Streamline the contract signing process by leveraging COBE. With secure screen sharing, parties involved in contract negotiations can view and collaboratively sign documents in real-time. This eliminates the need for physical meetings or multiple email exchanges, accelerating contract finalization and enhancing efficiency.

Customer Services

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Enhance customer service interactions with COBE. Support agents can visually guide customers through various tasks, such as navigating websites, filling out forms, or troubleshooting issues. Real-time collaboration fosters clearer communication, quicker issue resolution, and improved customer satisfaction.

Kiosk Assistance

Good Self-service Kiosk experience

Improve self-service kiosk experiences by integrating COBE. Users can receive real-time remote assistance when using self-service kiosks, such as ticketing or check-in systems. Support agents can guide users through the process, answer queries, and ensure a smooth and successful self-service experience.

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