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Curtain MonGuard is a powerful solution designed to enhance data security by preventing unauthorized data leaks through computer screens. With the rise of remote work and online meetings, protecting sensitive information has become increasingly challenging. Curtain MonGuard addresses this by displaying screen watermarks that prominently feature user information. Whether in full-screen mode or within specific applications, these watermarks grab users’ attention before they capture and share screen content with others. The tool supports over 500 applications and allows for self-defined watermark content. By tracing the source of potential data leakage, Curtain MonGuard provides an extra layer of security for organizations.

Security Threats

In day-to-day operations, users frequently handle sensitive files. However, companies face a significant challenge in preventing users from capturing photos or videos of their computer screens using mobile phones. This risk arises when accessing sensitive information such as personal data, CCTV footage, or other confidential data. The shift to remote work due to COVID-19 has further complicated matters. Companies now allow users to download data to their personal notebooks or access it from home via VPN connections. While this flexibility is essential, it also increases the difficulty of preventing data leaks through screens.

Another security concern arises during online meetings. Participants often need to share critical information—such as contracts, designs, or training materials—with others. How can we protect this information from unauthorized capture? Although we cannot entirely prevent people from taking photos or videos of their screens, we should strive to trace the source of any data leakage. Implementing measures like watermarked presentations and selective screen sharing can enhance security and provide better traceability in such scenarios.

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full screen watermarked
Full-Screen Watermark
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Application Screen-Watermark

Features of Curtain MonGuard

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