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IBM Security Discover and Classify software discovers and classifies sensitive data across on-premises and cloud environments. It forms part of the IBM Guardium family of data security products.

Intelligent data discovery

Robust data protection begins by knowing where your sensitive data resides. IBM Security Discover and Classify (ISDC) discovers known and unknown sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud—whether structured, unstructured, in motion or at rest.

ISDC’s network-based analytics, compliance-ready capabilities, and ease of deployment make it a powerful complement to IBM Security® Guardium® and improves your data security posture management.

Why Guardium


100% accuracy in unstructured (flat files) data.


98.6% accuracy in structured (database) date.

9 of 9

9 of 9 categories show IBM Security Guardium as a “strong positive”, making it an Overall Leader.


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Sensitive data intelligence

Enhance your existing security tools with precise sensitive data intelligence to prioritize effective actions.

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Greater data source visibility

Find and map previously unknown data—at rest or in motion—in the cloud or on premises.

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Simplified Architecture

Use scale-up architecture that supports loads of any size irrespective of data source type or location.

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Intelligent automation

Apply automated controls for sensitive data according to business context and risk factors.

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Improved data accuracy

Achieve higher accuracy and minimize false positives and negatives in data classification.

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Streamlined deployment

Reduce the time and effort needed to discover and classify data in a complex environment.


Continuous scanning and discovery

Discover repositories and metadata automatically through continuous scanning.

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Automatic identification and classification

Identify and classify sensitive data—continuously and automatically.

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Support all data types and platforms

Use one product to discover all types of data, irrespective of storage types or the location.

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Automated intelligence

Leverage AI and ML to train the system to identify which files contain sensitive data.

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Use Cases

Data protection

Make the most out of your data protection tools by applying the right protection methods the the right data. IBM Security Discover and Classify takes the mystery and error out of manual data discovery and categorization through continuous network scanning, providing quantitative data context to best inform your data protection controls.

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SIEM and SOAR data context

IBM Security Discover and Classify enriches your SIEM and SOAR tools by providing deep business context into data that has been compromised. This data-rich information, including the location and sensitive level of specific data, is critical to help you know what data is exposed or misplaced, plan breach policies and prioritize response activities down to the data asset level.

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Attack surface reduction

IBM Security Discover and Classify helps to minimize your attack surface by categorizing and eliminating data that has been duplicated, unused, or no longer critical to protect. It takes inventory of sensitive data throughout the ecosystem and uses tagging capabilities to classify risk assessments and generate context around data assets. By only keeping necessary sensitive data and getting rid of old or useless records and files, you can better address compliance and reporting requirements.

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Extending data loss prevention

IBM Security Discover and Classify works to reduce the manual effort often required by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools by extending DLP capabilities and providing continuous, automatic discovery, analysis, lineage, and more. accurate policy enforcement, provide business context around data.

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Post breach forensics

IBM Security Discover and Classify provides immediate and accurate mapping of the compromised information and network, including its type and extent, across your network. It also pinpoints sensitive information, monitors data flows, and assists in response planning, future attack prevention, and post-incident regulatory compliance.

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Vulnerability management

Risk-based vulnerability management, helping to prioritize vulnerabilities by focusing on assets that contain sensitive data.

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Integrate IBM Security Discover and Classify and Guardium Data Protection

IBM Security Discover and Classify provides automated, near-real-time discovery, network mapping and tracking of sensitive data. Combined with robust data monitorization from IBM Security Guardium Data Protection, it can help you boost operational efficiency, significantly reduce risk and lower costs for your organization.

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