Companies often face difficulties managing SOLIDWORKS designs with conventional data loss prevention solutions. Standard content discovery methods fall short, and measures like blocking USB drives are not viable.

Curtain e-locker can help!

Why Curtain e-locker?

Curtain e-locker is a data loss prevention system that stops sensitive information from leaking out of the company. It allows users to work with confidential files as normal, but not to print, save as, or send files to external sources if they are not authorised to do so. It works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS products (e.g. eDrawings, PDM, and Simulation) which greatly enhances the security when working with SOLIDWORKS.

Features of Curtain e-locker

Who Is This For?

Whether you store and manage your SOLIDWORKS designs using a file server or take advantage of the workflow and revision management of SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can ensure the confidentiality of your intellectual property and safeguard against wilful or accidental sharing externally using e-locker.
We provide the security and peace of mind you need in the digital age.

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