At OptimaTech, we’re passionate about empowering enterprises with cutting-edge solutions. Our comprehensive suite of products caters to every aspect of your business needs. Discover the power of OptimaTech’s solutions—where innovation meets reliability.

Collaboration Services: Work Together, Anywhere

Seamlessly collaborate across teams, whether you’re in the same office or continents apart. Edit documents, brainstorm ideas, and communicate effortlessly.

Visual Assistance

Elevate collaboration with real-time screen sharing, image annotation, and troubleshooting, our Visual Assistance platform revolutionizes remote support by enabling real-time visual communication. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues or guiding users through complex tasks, Visual Assistance bridges the gap between experts and end-users.

COBE (Co-Browsing and Co-Editing)

COBE fosters seamless collaboration within organizations, transforms customer support, sales processes, and internal collaboration, leading to improved efficiency, enhanced user experiences, and ultimately, business growth.

Data Security: Fortify Your Information

IBM Security Guardium

OptimaTech partners with IBM to deliver robust data security solutions. Guardium provides real-time monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and compliance management, safeguarding sensitive information across databases.

IBM Security Verify

IBM Security Verify provides automated, cloud-based and on-premises capabilities for administering identity governance, managing workforce and consumer identity and access, and controlling privileged accounts.

Curtain DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Curtain DLP acts as a digital shield, preventing unauthorized data leaks. With advanced content inspection and policy enforcement, it ensures compliance with privacy regulations.


Our self-hosted FileCloud Server provides complete control over enterprise data, allowing secure collaboration, content streamlining, and compliance features. While our flexible cloud-based solution FileCloud Online helps accessing, sharing, and syncing files across devices, offering security, scalability, and easy integration. 

Public Cloud Services

Leverage the power of the cloud without compromising security. Our robust encryption protocols keep your data safe.

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