Visual Assistance is an innovative solution that accelerates issue resolution by allowing support agents to virtually assess equipment status and configurations, guiding clients through interactive troubleshooting steps. The personalized recommendations and collaborative problem-solving approach enhance customer understanding and confidence. Beyond reducing the need for onsite visits, Visual Assistance streamlines the troubleshooting experience, leading to cost savings and improved overall customer satisfaction. The emphasis on visual collaboration introduces a new dimension to support, revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of client servicing.

Features Highlight

Live Video Calls

Engage in real-time video calls with clients, allowing support teams to visually assess the client’s environment, equipment, and configurations. This fosters effective communication and understanding.

Phone Camera Sharing

Use customers’ mobile phones to share images seamlessly during video calls. Visualize the faulty area avoids misunderstandings and lets support teams recognize the problem immediately.

Interactive Troubleshooting

Visualize issues together allows support teams to get immediate handling of the problem, customers can resolve the problem effectively and efficiently with instant instruction and hands-on guidance.

Annotation And Markups

Annotate and mark up screens and documents in real-time. Highlight important areas, draw attention to specific details, and provide clear instructions for clients to follow.

Simple Integration

Easily integrate Visual Assistance into existing servicing applications without the need for extensive redevelopment. With a simple plugin addition, enjoy the convenience of Visual Assistance without disrupting your current workflows or requiring significant software changes.

Use Cases

Visual Assistance revolutionizes remote support by enabling visual collaboration, enhancing troubleshooting processes, and providing hands-on guidance. From remote troubleshooting to equipment setup and product demonstrations, Visual Assistance empowers support teams to deliver exceptional service and optimize client interactions.

Remote Troubleshooting

Empower support teams to remotely diagnose and resolve technical issues. With live video calls and screen sharing, support agents can visually assess the client’s environment, guide them through troubleshooting steps, and provide real-time solutions, eliminating the need for onsite visits.

Equipment Setup And Configuration

Assist clients with equipment setup and configuration remotely. By visually guiding clients through the installation process, verifying connections, and providing step-by-step instructions, support teams ensure seamless equipment integration, reducing setup errors and enhancing overall user experience.

Product Demonstrations And Training

Offer interactive product demonstrations and training sessions. With Visual Assistance, support teams can visually showcase product features, walk clients through usage instructions, and address any questions or concerns in real-time, delivering a comprehensive and engaging training experience.

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